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The Center for Compassion Focused Therapy is an internationally known psychotherapy practice providing evidenced-based and effective psychotherapy methods to adults and adolescents in New York, NY. Our mission is to provide the cutting edge of clinical psychological science to our New York community, with compassion and deep commitment. We also provide world class training to psychotherapists from around the globe. 

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We are the first clinical training center for Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) in the USA

CFT is a form of evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy that builds on the science by integrating the neuroscience of positive emotion, and methods derived from Buddhist psychology. We have established this center in affiliation with CFT founder, esteemed English psychologist Dr. Paul Gilbert OBE. The Center is the volunteer base for The Compassionate Mind Foundation, USA.

The Center’s therapists bring extensive experience in mindfulness and compassion focused cognitive and behavioral therapies to a range of problems including:  depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, phobias, OCD, emotion regulation problems, relationship conflicts, executive coaching challenges, stress reduction and many other challenges.

Our psychologists are acknowledged experts in:

  • Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

All of these therapies have been well researched in the treatment of a range of psychological problems.

If you are seeking help for your psychological suffering, or if you are a dedicated professional seeking to advance excellence in clinical practice, we invite you to contact us.

We seek to help our clients and students to connect with their inner wisdom, to cultivate mindful awareness, to develop compassionate courage, and to experience the empowerment they need to move forward in lives of meaning, purpose and vitality.

The Center for CFT was founded by internationally recognized psychologist and author Dennis Tirch PhD. Dr. Tirch is the author of several books and numerous psychological articles on mindfulness, compassion and cognitive behavioral therapies. He regularly teaches mindful compassion and advanced psychotherapy workshops in New York and around the world.

Dr. Tirch is President of the NYC-CBT Association and The Compassionate Mind Foundation USA; President Emeritus of The New York Chapter of The Association of Contextual Behavioral Science, Associate Editor of The Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, Fellow and Certified Consultant and Trainer for The Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and has served on the faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College and Albert Einstein Medical School.

150 East 58th Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10555 - Just east of Lexington Avenue . . .  845-664-1498

150 East 58th Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10555 - Just east of Lexington Avenue . . .


The Center's Director, Dr. Laura Silberstein-Tirch is also an author of groundbreaking work on the science of compassion, Buddhist Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Dr. Silberstein-Tirch trains compassion focused psychotherapy interventions internationally and serves as a faculty member and consultant at leading New York academic medical centers such as Memorial Sloan Kettering and Albert Einstein Medical College

The Center also serves as a hub for training and practice in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is an advanced form of behavior therapy, that aims to help people live richer, more meaningful and more purposeful lives. ACT is at the vanguard of CBT research and treatment development, and has expanded our understanding of how to achieve our most heartfelt aims, in the face of serious psychological and medical problems.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment, request a training or with any questions. Our website contains several resources, including audio and video training materials and guided exercises.  Sending many compassionate wishes.


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