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Overcoming Anxiety Through Compassionate Mind Training: Transforming Worry, Panic and Fear Through Mindfulness and Compassion - A Compassion Training for The General Public at The Open Center in NYC

Anxiety and chronic worry are major sources of suffering that are reaching epidemic levels around the world and that conventional medical approaches have, at best, a very mixed track record in treating. For thousands of years, global wisdom traditions have known that training the mind and cultivating compassion can be highly effective in helping people face their fears, and a growing body of scientific research supports that view. This workshop with a leading expert in “”Compassion-Focused Therapy”” draws from cutting-edge neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and Buddhist mindfulness methods to teach us innovative, evidence-based meditation, visualization, and cognitive re-framing techniques designed to increase our emotional strength and psychological flexibility. We’ll leave this workshop equipped with an array of powerful new tools and healing perspectives that will permit us to move beyond anxiety and live with renewed meaning, purpose and vitality.

A Full Day Workshop
Sunday, August 6, 10 – 5:30 pm
Members $125/ Nonmembers $145