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2 Workshops in both Denmark and Sweden! - October 15th-18th - FIERCE COMPASSION: MASTERING COMPASSION-FOCUSED ACT


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From the website of the event:

"Don't miss the opportunity to get extensive training from Dr. Dennis Tirch and Dr. Laura Silberstein - two of the world's leading practitioners of compassion-focused therapies. The amount of seats are limited and this is a very rare and unique occasion.

This workshop takes place in Stockholm on October 15-16th, 2018 AND
Copenhagen on October 17-18th, 2018"

Rather than being a soft option, the deliberate activation of our mindful compassion can generate the courage, emotional strength and psychological flexibility we need to face life’s challenges and opportunities. This is the fierce compassion that lies at the heart of mastering Compassion Focused ACT. This workshop will bring us into deep contact with such a capacity.

Dr. Dennis Tirch and Dr. Laura Silberstein will offer a 2 day intensive workshop for therapists who want to move towards psychotherapy mastery through a direct experience of Compassion-Focused ACT. Personal practice of advanced mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance based techniques forms the core of this workshop. Rather than just learning how to use these methods in therapy, participants will benefit from direct, personal practice of the core Compassion-Focused Therapy and ACT practices.

Recent advances in psychological research, theory and practice have suggested that compassion may be a significant, active process in psychotherapy effectiveness. Participants will learn a new evolutionary model of compassionate flexibility, that is grounded in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), ACT, and elements of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP). Direct, experiential exercises, including a range of compassion focused imagery practices, will invite participants into contact with their compassionate minds.

The workshop will have the quality of a retreat – a retreat where the centerpiece is deep experiential work and self-reflection. Working together will be a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time learning with two of the world’s leading practitioners of compassion-focused therapies. While we will be exploring dimensions of the science of compassion in an ACT-friendly way, clinicians of any theoretical orientation and level of experience may benefit from this immersion in working with the compassionate courage and mindful wisdom.