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Pre-Conference Workshop on Building Advanced Compassion Training Skills in London, UK at The Compassionate Mind Foundation’s 7th International CFT Conference

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The theme of the Conference is Cultivating Compassion, Positive Emotion and Well-Being, and Dr. Tirch and Dr. Silberstein-Tirch will be delivering the following pre-conference workshop:

Mastering Compassion Focused Therapy
- How to advance your CFT Skills by cultivating the 12 competencies of compassionDr Dennis Tirch PhD & Dr Laura Silberstein-Tirch PsyD

To pursue any motivation requires the capacity to be sensitive to the contextwhere it is required and is possible to fulfil, accompanied by implicit andexplicit knowledge of how to enact the appropriate behaviours for successful outcome. Compassion as a motivation and therefore also has these two psychologies. Each psychology is represented by six competencies making 12 in all. Advancing as a Compassion Focused Therapist involves developing afluent working knowledge of how we can activate the 12 competencies of compassion for ourselves and for our clients.

Participants will explore a process-focused approach for staged and effective CFT delivery, that can enhance our therapy skills throughout the course oftreatment. This method will begin with an assessment and collaborative caseconceptualization, grounded in the 12 competencies of compassion. Participants will then learn how to track the engagement of compassion, moment-by-moment, targeting fears, blocks and resistances to therapeuticgrowth as they arise.