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CFT TRAINING IN NJ! - Overcoming Shame With Mindfulness, Acceptance and Compassion Training - An intensive DBT/CFT workshop with Dr. Shireen Rizvi & Dr. Dennis Tirch

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Shame is one of the most challenging experiences that therapists and clients will face together. We know from our research that shame is a trans-diagnostic process, that can block progress in therapy for many people. The experience of shame is associated with suicidal behaviors, substance use, and other negative emotions. Treating shame effectively is extremely important, yet it isn't usually at forefront of our psychotherapy training. How do we build our skills to engage shame effectively?

This workshop brings together two internationally known experts in evidence based treatments designed to shame and emotion dysregulation: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). Participants in this intensive training will explore a wide range of experiential techniques drawn from these cutting-edge approaches for overcoming the destructive influence of shame.

The workshop will teach participants direct, experiential methods for cultivating the compassionate mind, using meditation, visualization, and other dimensions of training the mind.