This Winter, we will begin hosting a new group-based skills training for people who are seeking to cultivate mindfulness, compassion and acceptance, to move towards meaningful and rewarding lives . . .

The Fierce Compassion group focuses on generating the courage, strength and wisdom that we need to face life's challenges. The groups will run for ongoing 8-week courses, and will involve methods drawn from Compassion Focused Therapy and other evidence-based mindfulness and acceptance based disciplines. Meditation training from ancient and modern applications of Buddhist Psychology will be a central part of the curriculum.


These groups are open to people who are facing problems like anxiety, depression and emotion regulation problems. However, the groups are designed to address every day life stressors, aiming to help anyone to better regulate their response to stress and threats, cultivating greater capacity to face the difficulties that occur in all of our lives.

The groups will be meeting on Wednesdays in the early evening and run for 75 minutes.

These will be intentionally limited in membership, so that we may focus closely on the inner work that is our aim. 

If you are interested in attending a group, please email or call 845-664-1498, so that we might schedule an initial consultation.

The first group commences in late November of 2015.

The Fierce Compassion program will also be taught in a workshop format in 2015-2016. Our "Events" page will provide you with scheduling information.