The publications and psychometric measures below based on CFT have been compiled by the Compassionate Mind Foundation in the UK. More articles on a range of topics will follow . . .

*NEW* Effects of compassionate thinking on negative emotions -Arimitsu & Hofman

International Journal of Cognitive Therapy 
Special edition of this journal on compassion.

Intelligent Kindness by John Ballatt and Penny Campling. 

Compassionate Mind Training with People who hear Malevolent Voices: A Case Series Report. 
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A pilot exploration of heart rate variability and salivary cortisol responses to compassion-focused imagery. 
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Development of a striving to avoid inferiority scale.

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Measures compiled and endorsed by the Compassionate mind foundation:

The following psychometric scales are from the Compassionate Mind Foundation website.

"Here are our research scales.  They are free to use with permission.  Please do not change them without contacting Paul Gilbert at  They are to facilitate compassion research only." 

English Language Scales

Attitudes towards Mental Health Problems Scale.


Defeat Scale.


Early Life Events Scale.


Early Memories of Warmth Scale.


Entrapment Scale.


Fears of Compassion Scale.



Fear of Envy Scale.


Forms of Self-Criticism/Attacking and Self Reassurance Scale.


Functions of Self-Criticism/Attacking Scale.


Other as Shamer Scale.


Sensitivity to Put Down Scale.


Social Comparison Scale.


Social Safeness and Pleasure Scale.


Striving to Avoid Inferiority Scale.


Submissive Behaviour Scale.


Two Types of Positive Affect Scale.


Any perception can connect us to reality, properly and fully. What we see doesn’t have to be pretty, particulary; we can appreciate anything that exists.
There is some prinicple of magic in everything, some living quality.
Something living, something real, is taking place in everything,
— Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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  • Vivamus egestas urna sed lorem sagittis, id lacinia erat porta cras.
  • Morbi eu elit in justo auctor dignissim. Sed ultrices eget neque tellus.
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